Redevelopment of the Bắc Giang WWTP in Vietnam

Map of Bac Giang

The Bắc Giang Wastewater Treatment Plant in Vietnam will be redeveloped to increase the capacity of the existing facility from 6.000 m³/d to 20.000 m³/d. The work will be done in two phases in order to maintain continuous wastewater treatment.

Phase I.  A new 10.000 m³/day facility will be constructed using Biopolus MNR technology. Once this new facility is on-line, the wastewater will be redirected to the new facility, allowing for retrofit work to begin at the old facility. Phase II. The biological treatment at the old facility will be replaced with MNR technology, which will increase its capacity from 6.000 m³/d to 10.000 m³/d. Once both facilities are complete and online, the Bắc Giang Treatment Plant will have a total capacity of 20.000 m³/d.