By combining the intelligence of humans and nature, Biopolus is engineering urban ecosystems to close water, energy, food, and waste loops through a network of decentralized urban metabolic hubs. A new class of buildings will house these hubs for urban circularity. Through smart, functional engineering and design, Biopolus has created the BioMakery, a biofactory for the future city. The BioMakery is powered by Biopolus MNR technology, which uses biological engineering to harness clean water, energy, nutrients, and minerals from wastewater and organic waste. Supplemental modules for community functions and urban farming, can also be added to create an open and integrated space for sustainable urban living.

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    Engineered ecosystem design using nature-based water treatment technology


    Energy, food, and waste systems around a sustainable water cycle


    Featured projects with real and lasting positive impact on the environment


“The future belongs to those who understand that doing more with less is compassionate, prosperous, and even enduring, and thus more intelligent, even competitive.”

Paul Hawken, author of the Ecology of Commerce

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