Budapest Plant Factory and R&D Center Opening

Various microgreens in the plant factory.

On May 5th, 2021, a demonstration plant factory and development center, unique to Central Europe was officially opened in Budapest, Hungary at the headquarters of Tungsram.

The 150 m2 commercial plant factory, with a designated R&D center was built by Tungsram Agritech in one of their unused factory halls. The facility was developed using Biopolus biotechnology and  experience gained during development.  Tungsram agritech manufactured the growth chambers of the facility using their own agritech lighting and associated technology. The implementation of the facility was partly supported by the ITM Industry 4.0 program.

The primary task of the demonstration plant and development center is to create the technological bases of a standardized and modular system, including hardware, software, and cultivation technology elements, as well as the operation and maintenance support services of future systems. A three-party cooperation was established in August 2020 with Eisberg’s Hungarian subsidiary to launch a new micro-green product line. The facility will be used to grow various plant products for Eisberg, one of the largest producers of ready-to-eat salads in Central and Eastern Europe.