Globally, more than 50% of the population lives in urban areas, and by 2045, this is estimated to increase by 1.5 times, to 6 billion. This unrivaled explosion in urbanization requires a paradigm shift from the current flow-through, linear phenomenon of resource inputs, processing, and its associated waste to a more cyclical structure that reduces resource consumption and waste production simultaneously.

Urban circularity, however, cannot exist without first achieving a sustainable water cycle, where residents have continuous access to safe clean water within the boundaries of their city. Via MNR technology, Biopolus has created a modular, expandable water treatment system for complex circular urban water treatment and management. By means of advanced metabolic engineering, energy, organic materials, and minerals can be derived from organic waste through biosolid fractionation. These solutions, along with optional space for community functions and urban food production are integrated and housed in the Biopolus BioMakery.


Create a network of BioMakeries, decentralized metabolic hubs, capable of integrating circular urban infrastructure, helping to make future cities safe, sustainable, and resilient.



We are TECHNOLOGY PROVIDERS, serving clients through local partners and providing support throughout the project lifecycle. Our activities include:

1: FEASIBILITY: Concept Design
2: DESIGN: Process Design, Basic Mechanical & Electrical Design, Control & Instrumentation, Architectural Concept
3: CONSTRUCTION: Specialized Equipment (biofilm carriers, control & instrumentation, etc.)
4: STARTUP: Commissioning
5: OPERATION: Remote Supervision, Technology Support

urban planning


We are URBAN PLANNERS SPECIALIZING IN METABOLIC MAPPING material and energy flows to provide assessment and insight on how to close the traditional linear urban cycle of consumption and waste.

When metabolic mapping a development area, we look for synergies, waste to resource opportunities, and opportunities for innovation and optimization. This analysis can be performed as part of an overall feasibility study for a BioMakery concept design, or it can be part of a separate urban planning study.

dynamic modelling


We offer DYNAMIC SIMULATION MODELING for the optimal design and operational parameters of new water treatment facilities, and for the optimization and future development of existing facilities. Dynamic simulation modeling consists of the following phases:

1: Data Analysis
2: Building and Validation of the Simulation Model and
3: Conclusions (Technology Optimization & Recommendations for System Upgrades, Adaptation, Integration, and/or Resilience Planning).


Our team is composed of multi-disciplinary individuals, each offering their own perspective, for true ‘out of the box’ creative thinking and problem solving. 

István Kenyeres
  • István KENYERES

  • Founder, CTO

Márton Kenyeres
  • Márton KENYERES

  • Founder, CEO

Áron Sülyi
  • Áron SÜLYI

  • Chief Financial Officer

Erzsebet Poór-Pócsi
  • Erzsébet P‑PÓCSI

  • Sr Circular Economy Specialist

Kriszti Árvai-Nagy
  • Kriszti ÁRVAI-NAGY

  • Partnership Executive (NL)

  • Vincent WALSH

  • Partnership Executive (UK)

Zita Gazsó
  • Zita GAZSÓ

  • Process / Simulation Engineer

Iván Perényi_175_mod2
  • Iván PERÉNYI

  • Sr Mechanical Engineer

Agnes Gyuro_45
  • Ágnes GYURÓ

  • Grants Manager

Máté Katona
  • Máté KATONA

  • Phytotechnologist

Márton Papp
  • Márton PAPP

  • Development Engineer


Since the beginning, Biopolus has worked to build up a network of local PARTNERS offering mutually beneficial cooperation with urban developers, real estate developers, consulting firms, general contractors and EPC/EPCM companies. Experienced local companies have a geographic advantage when it comes to promoting, contracting, and building BioMakeries.

Our job at Biopolus is to work with our local partners to partake in cooperative design, provide necessary equipment and materials, and provide services, and support for project bids, project execution, and facility operation. We provide all our local partners with the necessary marketing and sales materials (including flyers, brochures, presentations, and videos) to boost the local business development process and to help to turn ideas into successful projects.

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