The BioMakery was created based upon the concept of water-based urban circularity. It is a framework for a metabolic hub, a multi-level network of circular processes and extensive cross-connections, which when combined can create a tangible circular business model for the bioeconomy.

Water is the basis for all life, and a necessity for most major systems, that’s why our first circular technology came in the form of a modular, expandable water treatment system powered by our patented MNR technology.  The water treatment platform, combined with a biorefinery, can be used to break down organic wastes into intermediary products. These intermediary products can be further processed using additional technologies and/or processes to create new nodes of circularity for the production of valuable end products.  

Biopolus is working to develop new technologies for the BioMakery. We’ve developed technologies for organic recovery and for urban plant factories, which can be used as supplement modules within the BioMakery, or as stand alone systems. These technologies are at various stages of roll-out. 


    Modular, expandable treatment (via MNR technology) for circular urban water management


    Plant production technologies and phytotechnology expertise for high value plant products


    Biorefinery technologies for the creation of valuable products from organic waste

Biopolus invites all interested stakeholders, including universities, research institutions, and companies to collaborate with us in a joint R&D or cross-licensing setup to adapt and integrate their own technologies into the BioMakery or into a standalone circular module.