Trappist Abbey & Brewery (Koningshoeven, NL)


    Koningshoeven, The Netherlands




    438 m³/d (10,800 PE)

  • TYPE

    Industrial & Municipal


    Food & Beverage


    847 m2


    Water management, Visitors Center


    Water circularity showcase


    Waterboard De Dommel, M.J. Oomen riool- en betontechniek

World-wide approximately 2 billion hectoliters of beer is produced annually. The brewery industry is directly affected by the growing international problem of water insecurity. Breweries are in need of a sustainable economic and environmental solution.

The Koningshoeven brewery is a subsidiary of Swinkels Family Brewers, the second largest brewery in the Netherlands, producing around 7.5 million hectoliters of beer a year.

The Koningshoeven BioMakery is the first Biopolus Water Treatment facility in the Netherlands and was fully integrated into the historical monument of the Koningshoeven Trappist Abbey and Brewery. The facility treats industrial wastewater from the brewery and municipal wastewater from the Abbey and Visitor center to re-use quality. The facility provides a long term sustainable solution for water management, with a space to study and showcase water circularity. It also serves as a demonstration site for next generation reuse and recycling for the NEXTGEN H2020 project.

Father Isaac

Father Isaac

Prior of Koningshoeven Abbey

“Our ambition comes from an inner conviction and is crystal clear: no more drops and grams of raw material will leave our premises, unless processed into a sustainable product.”