Strijp-S (The Netherlands)


    Eindhoven, The Netherlands


    1,600 m³/d (13,500 PE)

  • TYPE



    30 ha


    222 m2


    Water treatment & recycling, Groundwater treatment, Living Learning Laboratory


    First decentralized Dutch facility


    Waterboard De Dommel, City of Eindhoven, Province of Noord-Brabant, M.J. Oomen riool- en betontechniek

The Netherlands has one of the most efficient, centralized water management systems in the world. To take the next step toward a sustainable circular solution, an additional layer of decentralized and interconnected water treatment facilities are needed. As a key world player in technology and design, the Eindhoven region is also known as the Brainport of the Netherlands, or as the most inventive region in the world, according to patent density.

Strijp-S is the large urban rehabilitation project of a former industrial park, located close to the city center of Eindhoven. The area is also the location for Dutch Design Week, and the ideal location for the trial and display of high tech innovative urban circular solutions.

The Strijp-S BioMakery will be the first decentralized Dutch wastewater treatment and recycling facility and will be part of a large open innovation development center for urban circular solutions. The facility will be modular and flexible in design, capable of expanding in size and functionality.

Peter Glas

Peter Glas

Director of Waterschap De Dommel

“The Biopolus BioMakery is the first of a new generation of purification concepts in the Netherlands, which fully complies with the steps taken by the waterboards to a circular Netherlands by 2050.”