Shenzhen Feasibility Study (China)


    Export opportunities of a unique Hungarian water treatment technology and equipment to China


    May 2018 – Jan 2019 (9 months)​


    Shenzhen Water Group


    Ft 14.971.950,- (of total of Ft 21.388.500)


    Water Diplomacy 2018 (Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

The Hungarian Government supported a Feasibility Study to investigate the use of the Biopolus technology in China for the intensification of WWTPs occupying high value land in dense urban environment.

Redeveloping the Shenzhen Binhe Wastewater Treatment

By combining water engineering experience with architecture and ecology, Biopolus has created a profitable solution for urban water management. We replace existing urban sewage treatment plants with compact and efficient BioMakeries, freeing up valuable inner city land for redevelopment. Biopolus applied this solution to the Shenzhen Binhe Wastewater Treatment Plant, for a truly unique result. The outcome is an odor-free and architecturally pleasing facility that is powered by Biopolus MNR technology, and capable of treating wastewater to reuse water quality. The BioMakery frees up 80-90% of the existing facility’s land, making it available for future development.

The project was supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary. The content of the document does not necessarily represent the official standpoint of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary.