Budapest Central WWTP optimization


    Budapest, Hungary

  • YEAR



    360,000 m³/d

  • TYPE



    Wastewater treatment


    Budapest Waterworks

Construction of the Budapest Central WWTP, the largest wastewater treatment plant in Hungary, was completed in 2010. The system was designed by a consortium of Veolia Water and Suez and is operating at the limit of its capacity.   A 5-year development program was drafted by Biopolus to improve treatment efficiency and to lower the energy consumption of the system.

A dynamic simulation model was developed and validated for the plant, to support intensification, process development and risk assessment. First, modeling parameters were calibrated, so that the dynamic simulation tool can be properly applied. This is a key requirement, and used to optimize operational and maintenance conditions and to specify potential development areas. A one-year period of validation, which included a sensitivity analysis and the simulation of time intervals similar to the calibration process was also completed. At the same time, we investigated the suitability of the simulation system for real-time operation optimization. We found that the model was not applicable for real-time operation optimization, however, it is suitable for the detection of the system reactions for long-term changes of the influent load. This means that the model can be used for decisions regarding future plant developments. The five year development plan was based upon these modeling results.