Flåm (Norway)


    Flåm, Norway


    1,200m3/day (Huge seasonal flow variations: winter <150m3/day, summer > 1,100 m3/day)

  • TYPE



    max. 450 m2


    Wastewater treatment


    Ecological tourist attaction

Flåm is a village and tourist destination in the Flåmsdalen valley, which is located at the inner end of the Aurlandsfjorden, a branch of Sognefjorden. During the slowest winter months, there are 350 residents and a maximum of 3,000 overnight guests per  month. In contrast, during the peak summer season, there are 750 residents, up to 84,000 overnight guests, and an additional 200,000 day visitors that arrive by car, train, or cruise ship.

Flåm commissioned Biopolus to conduct a concept design for the installation of a BioMakery, for complete wastewater treatment.

The modernization of the wastewater treatment of Flåm will create a positive environmental impact to the Aurlandsfjord region. Through the installation of a BioMakery, the wastewater treatment can take place in a compact and odorless greenhouse facility, where the water is treated to spring-like quality, perfectly safe for release back into the environment or for reuse. Through smart architecture and design, the BioMakery can easily blend into its surroundings and operate as a public facility, with space for education and community.
The BioMakery can spark the adaptation of a new sustainable and circular economic model for the area, creating a space for eco-tourism and/or a starting point for other circular business development opportunities.