BioMakery Garden: 2019 Interior Landscaping of the Year Award Top Three Finalist!


Biopolus is proud to announce that the BioMakery garden at Koningshoeven Abbey & Brewery was among the top three finalists for the 2019 Dutch Interior Landscaping of the Year Award! While the official nomination was for Green Care Interior landscaping, with Abdij Koningshoeven, we’d also like to recognize Johan Cuijten, the gardener at the abbey, and Máté Katona, our very own Phytotechnologist.

Máté was responsible for garden design, where plant selection and placement had to take into consideration both functionality and aesthetic value. Máté carefully selected plants with this in mind, while also considering local climate and budgetary restrictions. Congratulations Máté for helping to prove that a wastewater treatment facility can also be a beautiful green oasis in the city.