Meeting of EU Competitiveness Council of Ministers

Istvan Kenyeres @ EU competitivenes council

On the 27th January, 2016 – as part of the Netherlands EU Presidency – Istvan Kenyeres was invited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to talk at the EU Competitiveness Council of Ministers in Amsterdam about his vision in terms of innovation, smart industries and the future challenges of the EU. The event, moderated by Constantijn van Orenje-Nassau as Head of the Cabinet of the Europe Council, proved to be extremely successful in catalysing the turn of vision into reality. The opening of the Koningshoeven BioMakery in less than two years following the Competitiveness Council’s meeting will celebrate the power of dedication, cooperation and innovativeness and opens with this first step a roadmap for a truly European Solution to make a global impact in water recycling and urban circularity.