Yangxin (China)


    Yangxin, China




    15,000 m³/d

  • TYPE



    Wastewater treatment


    Modular facility design (to be expanded to treat 50,000 m³/d)


    DIDA Shenzhen Water Engineering Limited

The Chinese Hubei province is located in the immediate vicinity of the Yangtze River and houses an urban area with approximately 1 million inhabitants. As it is a sensitive water body, high treatment efficiency is required.

As part of the project, a 50,000 m3/day capacity (120,000 PE) wastewater treatment facility will be constructed, in three phases. The first phase of construction was completed in 2018. This is the first municipal WWTP in China, which uses Biopolus MNR Technology. The facility design is modular, and as wastewater treatment demands increase, the facility will be expanded to eventually treat the increased capacity.

The general contractor for the project is DIDA Shenzhen Water Engineering Limited, an exclusive Biopolus partner in China. The facility is the first to install Biofilm Carriers locally manufactured in China.